What people are saying about their Grow Studio workshops and outdoor nature experience.


“After working with Ms. Shi in the Nature Preschool at Austin Gardens, my child WANTS, ASKS and GOES outside himself almost everyday. I used to play outside as a child everyday. And before Nature Preschool I was sad to see my son growing up in the urban forest being afraid of worms, bugs and dirt. Ms. Shi helped introduce the nature experience to my child in the same way it was introduced to me as a child: fun, experience based and educational.”

  -Elizabeth Pence, Austin Gardens Nature Preschool Parent Chicago,  IL



“Wow, this is the most love I’ve felt from the planet in years. Thanks Shilin for reminding me!”

-Aida Fragan, Montreal Concordia University  Undergraduate Engineering Student

Concordia Oct 4 2012 (3) (800x580)


” Usually I do not do art. But this is cool.”

-Kevin Lafleur, Concordia University Environmental Science

SAF Oct 1, 2012 (45) (600x800)


” It’s hard to believe, I have not seen these seeds before. I do now.”

Mohammad Ackmend, McGill University Philosophy Department

Selected_Mon_Cem-11 (640x424)


“I connected to nature, unconsciously, by joining a Seed Hunt event in my neighborhood, just because it was there. Now, I connect consciously and Seed Hunt with my family whenever we are outside!”

-Troy Evens, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre Montreal

“One thing I learned from the Seed Quilt; if you don’t know how to see the small things you won’t see the big ones.”

-J.J. Loh, Industrial Designer, McGill University Graduate Montreal

“This is an extraordinary event where the living art piece is planted. A return to the soil.”

-Christine Long, CTV News Montreal, QC

“Your Planting Seeds video is beautifully done and very inspiring.  Today my two year old and I collected some seeds and things on a walk around the block, which we glued to a piece of cardboard and put up in her room. Even for us amateurs, there is something very fun about making things with bits of nature.”

Emma Maris, writer for Nature and the author of a new book, Rambunctious Garden

“This may actually work, these Hunting and Quilting workshops. It just might get people out and looking.”

-Julian Fraga, Horticulturist Montreal, QC

“My daughter has learned so much from Shilin and her work. She imitates how Shilin handles and investigates the leaves, seeds and insects that she finds outdoors. My daughter often asks to see the video Planting Seeds and watch Shilin working with her daughter in the studio. “

-Kashia Tumeric, mother and Peter McGill resident Montreal, QC



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